Do you wish to open your open hotel booking site? The unfortunate fact is that tying up with individual hotels is a time consuming, labour intensive and expensive process. Get more than 17,000 hotels across India with our API which follows the OTA specifications, an Industry standard which makes integration a breeze.We will assist you in developing an integration with your site with an end to end hand holding process. If you do not wish to engage you own development team , we have our own development team who will develop the complete solution with your branding if needed.

How to gain access to the FABHRES Hotel API?

  • The FABHRES API will provide an OTA specified XML based message which can be integrated with any site to provide the mechanism for running an OTA
  • Our API provides the service for Search of Hotels for a Particular Criteria as well as Hotel Booking and Cancellation Services
  • A percentage commission will be granted for Every Booking that takes place through the API
  • In order to contact Us for our API, fill in Your Proper Details in the Form Provided on this Page
  • We Will Get back to You with the Procedure and details for the Contract.

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