Why wait for a Big Billion Day to Holiday ?


Fabhres being specialists in offering the best travel deals in Goa and Kerala, everyday at fabhres.com is a sale. We do not need a “Big Billion Day” or a “Dhamaka week” to showcase our success or give you the best deals. Our products and services speak for themselves and the proof of this lies with all out layal and most satisfied clients and customers. Providing you with the best of our services and fulfilling your dreams of a lifetime vacation is our top-notch priority. Book your hotels through us,


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With all the luxurious amenities to make your stay comfortable and memorable. We bring the India’s biggest and the best just at your fingertips.

Why wait for a big billion day to holiday??
Why wait for a big billion day to holiday??

Compare some of our hotels and you’ll realize the difference in pricing

Hotels in Goa

Hotels in Goa Fabhres Make my trip Clear trip Yatra
Neelam’s the Grand hotel Rs. 3772 Rs. 4250 Rs.4484 Rs. 4250
The Golden Palms Rs. 4500 Rs. 4920 Rs. 6575 Rs. 4919
Country Inn Rs. 5292 Rs. 5590 Rs. 5850 Rs. 5590


Hotels in Kerala

Hotels in Kerala Fabhres Make my trip Clear trip Yatra
Golf View hotel Rs. 2367 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500
Abaam hotel Rs. 2308 Rs. 2999 Rs. 2925    —-
Brunton Boatyard Rs. 23078 Rs. 26000 Rs. 26000 Rs. 26000


Flipkart’s “The Big Billion Day” was one of the biggest online sale in India that took place on 6th October, which aimed at offering the customers with products at discounted rates and exchange offers on top selling products with lucky draws held every hour.

The e-commerce site could not keep with the high traffic,even though they had deployed 5000 servers and were prepared for 20 times the traffic growth but the volume of traffic was much more than that, as a result the website kept crashing. Flipkart is now planning to have a week sale this Diwali and making up for all the dissatisfaction they caused to their customers.

You can’t be rested and assured this way, but with FABHRES, what you’ll see is what you’ll pay. Come join us today and stop feeling cheated any more!

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